Organization and Compliance with
Solomon's Certifications

One Convenient Platform to Monitor, Store, and Submit Continuing Professional Education

Educational agencies have struggled with (the headache of monitoring compliance of CPE’s for years) database challenges for years. Not only are the current options difficult to use and access, but they have failed to meet the demands of today’s technology-driven society. Solomon’s Certifications rose from these challenges to bridge the gap that once existed with traditional databases.

Educational agencies will love the organization and ease of use they get with Solomon’s Certifications. More importantly, they now have peace of mind for compliance and safety to address database challenges that once frustrated the entire industry.

Why Solomon's Certifications?

Educational and business agencies have struggled with monitoring compliance with Continuing Professional Education for years. Current options are inaccu-rate, out of sync, and technologically outdated. Solomon’s Certifications bridges the gap that once existed with traditional paper, files, and databases to bring organizations the following benefits of our innovative system.


Traditional databases are time-consuming. Our system offers a level of convenience that has never been seen in this vital space.


Solomon's Certifications doesn’t just save you time. It’s an affordable solution to your current database issues.

Easy to Use

Locating, monitoring, and organizing CPEs is easy. You can print, save, and email CPEs from one place and monitor certification completion.


Everything you need is gathered on one easy-to-use platform that you can access from wherever you are.


You no longer have to worry about certification compliance. With alerts and notifications, educational agencies are now safe from compliance issues.

Our Mission

We transform lives by
empowering people via
digital skills.

Our mission is to provide companies, schools, associations, and agencies with the resources necessary to focus their time and energy on the most critical tasks to run their organization at its optimal capacity. We connect employer, employee, and agencies through a seamless platform that effectively organizes communication, compliance, and storage of continuing education.

Expanding Services

Solomon’s Certifications doesn’t just serve education agencies and schools. We also bridge the gap for the needs of any business or agency.

Meet Our Founder

Graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics, Tara Johnson is the current Math Department Chair of her professional school district. As a single mother of three children (now grown), maximizing her time was always a top priority. With a passion for productivity, Johnson noticed the lack of a central platform connecting school systems, employers, and agencies. She spent years watching teachers and administrators struggle with last-minute recertification submissions.

Employees were frantically scrambling for paperwork confirming hours, contacting admin for certification confirmation, and searching through agency websites to find how many hours were still needed. There had to be a better way to maximize time and money for all three entities. As a lover of research, Johnson began to focus her energies on finding the much-needed solution to this dilemma- Solomon’s Certifications.

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